Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona; Mike Brand, who’s legal name is Michael Carroll, grew up without the advantages that most kids around him had. After experiencing life altering tragedies at a young age, his left set out on a course of destruction, drug addiction and crime. Mike would eventually overcome his obstacles and addictions when the power of the Gospel of Jesus radically transformed his life. After going through a season of hardship and consequences of the actions of his past, Mike received a vision from God that he would use his voice to reach into a broken generation and help those who are walking in the same places he was saved from. 


Mike Brand is now on a mission to bring hope to the lost, encouragement to the broken, and create a space where conversations and community can exist that embrace the Gospel Message. Not only does he make music to influence culture, he also serves as pastoral staff at citylife church in Tampa, Florida where he currently serves as the director of a ministry training program as well as oversee their discipleship school and their connection teams. 


Make sure to subscribe to the email list, and stay in touch with Mike, his mission goes much further than music. His greatest goal is to not only create music with excellence, but also to influence culture and help create a community of believers who are empowered in their giftings and operating in them fully to reach the lost.